15 December 2018

Who are circumcisioned with last technology are unhealthy, disable

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All of them circumcisioned by and old way are healthy,family leaders but who are circumcisioned with last technology,laser and electocagulator are unhealthy,disable,ill. reports, according to special interview with Dr. Gadir Gadirov latest thecnology may not be effective when compares to old methods of circumcision:" I have been doing circumcision for 40 years. I have already done circumcision more than 25 thousand people. 25-30% percent of them was newborn children. For adults the ages were between 20-28. I have many investigations in my forty years practice. I witnessed the same event both in newborns and in adults 25 thousand of 100%circumcisions were done by me in a way existed 1000 years ago at their homes. I have phone numbers and addresses of those people. I witnessed for it and even can show them. The smegma falling down inside a man`s sexual body begins to flow even when a child is in abdominal period. This process continues all his life."

What`s smegma?

Smegma is concentrated on the internal side of laster together with the gland of smegma flow and especially it gathers in a round shape of white cristals. I have met to the smegma flow, cristallic shape of smegma in newborns too.

Smegma is a cancer microbe falling from inside of organism to the out . After circumcision, smegma flows out straighaway and it doesn`t have any complications. Because the laster being a smegma pouch is amputated. What`s the complication that leads to death?

The last 20-25 years laser and electricagulators are used in circumcision due to last technology . While cutting the laster, laser and electrocagulators give 400-500 heat. The glands of smegma burn, and the flowing way closes it loses its flowing function . As a result of it smegma gathers not in laster part but into different parts of organism .

As it doesn`t have a way to move out it becomes cristalic, gets bigger and causes a cancer disease in the youth age. While doing circumcision with laser, xaya(testicular) get injured, become atrophy, stop from progressing and become smaller. So, the laser technology leads to the man childlessness. 9-10 years ago,the USA decided all children up to 11 to be circumcisioned for health but abolished its decision not passing 3 months.The reason was that 73% of children were ill,disable. The doctors used last technology laser and electrocagulators.

The complications of circumcision due to last technology are mostly deserved in Muslim counties , Islamic world. Because 100 perfect of men are circumcisioned. Circumcision is the source of indispensable clearness and full health. Circumcision must be done with sharp cutting tools as it was in the past. The laster must be taken by putting movable pressing saving purge in a second. In this way, the glands flowing into the laster pouch are kept. People who did circumcision 1000 years before us were exceedingly clever and reasonable ones. They had done it in that way mentioned above and hadn`t met with any problem. In countries where the circumcision isn`t done, the women have a cancer and a vaginal disease 30-40 times more than the women in Muslim countries. This is the most valuable fact which proves the smegma to be a cancer microbe.

I suggest to investigate seriously, to take into consideration my writings from best civil countries government, Health ministry, the Central Medical Labs, Islam Countries, Islamic Cooperation Organization.

We note that, whoever wishes to have healthy circumcision, Dr. Gadirov can be reached at these numbers:

Mobile: +994503656680; +994124019981

and his bank accounts;

My account: AZ74BRES00381197801961335003, Bank Republic, Baku, Azerbaijan (Euro)

My account: AZ16BRES003801961335001, Bank Republic (AZN)

My account: AZ10BRES00381184001961335002, Bank Republic (DOLLAR)

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2018.11.27 / 11:45
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