28 May 2018

Homosexuality - fun or threat?

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I was surprised when I saw 20 years old girl's post on Facebook this morning. This girl, whose photo was shared for discussion drew attention by these words: My biggest dream is to become first girl who married with the same sex.

I was shocked more than times I read mass kill news. Why would wish of this little, cute girl be a same sex marriage? What is happening in our community and world? What makes teenagers to cross a line on their parents, family life, unborn children in their young ages at which they don't even understand the world?

Isn't the family one of the words those can be used with the word "sacred"? Who has developed family as a protest in this young lady? Who has deceived this young lady that passion, close feeling and marrying to the same sex is free choice, independent life, being different from your coevals?

We have to think, talk and discuss it. Because they will poke into our eyes their mistakes as long as we will keep our silence.

It is known that sexual minority is quite famous nowadays. This poison which was injected to people's blood by the lie called "tolerance" is supported and defended by highest classes of community.

I still remember the march of LGTB on 9th of June in USA. On this day, White House was colored with colors of LGTB. Official Twitter account of White House posted photo with LGTB flag under the name of "Pride 2016". After 3 days, White House was in blood: one of the radical terror groups attacked homosexuals' club in Orlando and killed 50. Obama immediately took the stage and said that no one can scare us.

He was right. Nothing scares them now!

Time has changed. There were times when LGTB was considered as a sickness, nowadays LGTB consider people sick, who do not recognize them. If you don't respect sexual minorities, hate them, then you are sick - homophobic. Phobia. Since when not wanting to see disgusting, disastrous things which affect future of youth called phobia?

Psychological factors which are more spread, is more serious than biological-hormonal factor, the one that can be treated. Nowadays, youth don’t want to be Genghis Khan, Tolstoy, Yuri Gagarin in order to be different from their coevants. Now there is a easy "job area" which gives more comfortable life in Europe and authority - Homosexuality.

What is homosexuality?

For a long time, homosexuality was in the same list with zoophilia, exhibitionism, fetishism and necrophilia and it still fits to its place in the list. But, WHO has unlisted homosexuality from the list of mental disorders on 17th of May 1990. By that, Europe started to protect and to be a parent for them. By unlisting homosexuality from the list of mental disorders, approach of people who suffer from this disorder to doctors, treatment of biological aspects of disorders was prevented once and for all. Everyone knows that it serves to political interests more than human rights. If there will be an option to use migraine form political interests, WHO will unlist it from disorder list too.

Dr.A.Cem Kece has compared homosexuality with alcoholism in his book called "Homosexuality is not a faith":

"Homosexuality is a sickness, just like alcoholism. Not every man who drinks alcohol suffers from alcoholism, so we can't call every homosexual a sick person. Human should decide if he/she wants to get treated or not".

Psychologist Elnur Rustamov says that issue has direct connections with communication complexes:

"Today, sexual minority is understood as a type of protest in minds of teenagers. Yes, there are hormonal problems also, which can be treated. But unfortunately, sexual minorities choose this way to have an easier life, migrate to the country which will accept them the way they are by refusing their own countries and for living and easier life like celebrities which they see on TV".

Only 2% of sexual minorities make their relationship official by marriage. Sexual minorities want to marry in a society which can accept them is a big myth...

Scientists of the West, which tries to make the world accept fancy words like liberty, tolerance have revealed facts which show that not everything is like the way they seem. Unlike propaganda, I will reveal some facts whish will prove that sexual minorities are not happier and healthier:

– 78% of homosexual men are less happy than heterosexual ones (Research of PAHO, Harold I.Life, "Sexual survey #4, PP, 110-111)

– A research among 2000 lesbians show that 75% of lesbians are depressive and need psychological assistance (J.Bradford, 1994).

– Homosexuals commit suicide 6 times more than heterosexuals (Martin.S, Weinberg, Professor of Illinois University).

– Sexual partner number of homosexuals is 101-501, 10-155 percent reach 1000 partners (Paul Vand de Ven, Sexual research Magazine).

Martin S. Weinberg revealed the terrific fact about homosexuals in his research on homosexuals in 1978. According to him, 79% of them do not know their partner with whom they have sex, most of the times having a random sex. It is not a coincidence that USA and some European countries have banned homosexuals from being heart, blood and sperm donors. Doesn't this fact prove that homosexuals are not accepted as healthy people and they are number one propagandists of immorality? Till when we will defend their rights, let them live among us like nothing has happened and give them authorities? Till the time when it will reach our families?

2017.06.16 / 15:12
Rafiga Alisafa
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