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Clinton lost because she was terrible candidate

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Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lost the November 2016 US election because she was “a terrible candidate” and Republican candidate Donald Trump painted her as part of the problem, says Myles Hoenig, an American political analyst and activist. reports citing that Hoenig, a former Green Party candidate for Congress, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Friday, after Clinton once again placed the blame on her Republican rival for her defeat, claiming that the billionaire “encouraged Russian hackers” to cyberattack the US and find compromising information in order to disrupt her campaign.

“After awhile Clinton yelling ‘wolf!’ is no longer going to hold anyone’s attention. The problem with the boy crying wolf story is that there really was a wolf down the road, but that was after the fact. More appropriate if it was the little girl yelling ‘bear!’ as a Russian bear,” Hoenig said.

“This is getting both ridiculous and pathetic. At first, for the first 12 months, Hillary’s charge was accepted by all Hillbots, Democratic Party operatives and sycophants, and old line Cold Warriors worried that their stock options in Raytheon or Boeing were going to go down the toilet. Then with Clinton’s incessant charge of Russian hacking they all had something to live for- war, or at least hostilities, with Russia,” he added.

“To date, there has not been a single piece of evidence presented to the public proving Russian hacking or interference with our elections. There has been much alluding to facts of inside the party/campaign sabotage and selling or delivery of such information,” he stated.

“Even the 17 intelligence agencies, when narrowed down to only 2 or 3 that have really made any comment or investigation into the alleged hack, have denied any definitive proof. James Clapper, although a confirmed perjurer, has even admitted as late as May of this year on Meet the Press that there is no ‘smoking gun’ linking a Trump-Russia collusion,” the analyst noted.

“Clinton lost for simple, basic, Election 101 mistakes. She was a terrible candidate and her opponent painted her as part of the problem, deflecting his own inadequacies,” he observed.

“The two most despised candidates in US history ran for president on the Democratic and Republican tickets. Considering they both controlled the media and the electoral process, most Americans were not given real choices of the Libertarian or Green parties. In the end, most people hated Trump enough to vote for Clinton, but he was smarter campaign-wise by concentrating of voting segments needed for a win,” he argued.

“Clinton played the spoiled, sorority girl brat who believed it was owed to her, as if she earned it. And class played a major role. We really don’t know how rich Trump is but we do know about Clinton. She insulted the working class while Trump demogogued his way into the hearts and purse strings of many in the working class. Clinton can whine all she wants about why she lost but like the boy who cried wolf, eventually no one will listen. We can only hope,” Hoenig concluded.

2017.11.24 / 23:44
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