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Azerbaijan`s new museum emphasizes the Importance of peace

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Azerbaijani President Aliyev opened his country's new open-air “Spoils of War Museum” in Baku last week where his nation proudly displayed the items that it captured from Armenia during last year's Patriotic War. These include military equipment, license plates from enemy vehicles, soldiers' helmets, and more. The powerful global Armenian lobby and its proxies predictably launched an information warfare offensive against Azerbaijan in response, alleging that its new museum “glorifies genocide”. Nothing could be further from the truth since it actually emphasizes the importance of peace and international law.

Nobody should ever forget that the war was caused by Armenia's provocations against Azerbaijan last September, which were the natural continuation of its leadership's fascist ideology of seeking to carve out a so-called “Greater Armenia” in the South Caucasus through ethnic cleansing and even genocide. In fact, Armenia had illegally occupied approximately a fifth of Azerbaijan's internationally recognized territory in violation of four UNSC Resolutions on the matter from 1993 calling on its armed forces to immediately withdraw from the region. Yerevan's nearly three-decade-long refusal to respect international law directly led to the latest war.

All wars have winners and losers, and the last one that was provoked by Armenia and entirely due to this rogue state's decision to ignore the will of the international community in its crazed desire to carve out a “Greater Armenia” resulted in that aggressor's spectacular loss on the battlefield. Armenia's defeat could have been even more crushing had Russia not rushed into broker an emergency ceasefire in November to save its military ally's forces from complete destruction. It is solely due to Russia's timely diplomatic intervention that the Armenian Armed Forces still exist to this day, albeit pushed back within their own borders where they belong.

Azerbaijan, its military, and the country's people have everything to be proud of concerning their conduct during last year's Patriotic War. They won fair and square, having not only liberated their historical territory but also successfully implemented international law after world powers had hitherto failed to do so over nearly three decades. The sacrifices of its martyrs, both those during the recent conflict and all of the Azerbaijanis who've been ethnically cleansed and killed by Armenia since the conflict first erupted so long ago, deserve to be remembered and respected. It was a hard-fought struggle, but Azerbaijan ultimately prevailed in the end.

Since the country has nothing to be ashamed of, it naturally follows that it'll bask in the glory of its victory. This is its right, just as every country has the same right whenever they successfully expel foreign occupiers from their land in line with international law. Contrary to the hateful narratives propagated by the powerful Armenian lobby and its proxies, Azerbaijanis are peace-loving people who would have preferred to settle this conflict through political means had it been possible. Regrettably, Armenia made this impossible for the earlier mentioned reasons, hence the war that recently broke out between those two.

The whole world now knows that the Armenians were lying when they wildly alleged that Azerbaijan would carry out a so-called “genocide” in the liberated territories. No such crimes against humanity occurred, which is also confirmed by not a single government other than Armenian's own supporting this ridiculous claim. Nevertheless, because the word “genocide” is so emotive and the optics of a majority-Muslim country defeating a majority-Christian one on the battlefield (no matter that it was purely in self-defence) can be manipulated to provoke right-wing Islamophobic forces in the West, Armenia continues to cling to its claims.

The international community must realize that the powerful Armenian lobby and its proxies are trying to manipulate it. Instead of potentially giving credence to the false information warfare narrative that Azerbaijan's new open-air museum “glorifies genocide”, they should consider visiting it themselves once the pandemic calms down and see with their own eyes that it actually emphasizes peace and international law. The entire purpose in creating it was to pay respect to Azerbaijan's many martyrs, both military and civilian alike, as well as to teach future generations the importance of abiding by international law in order to peacefully resolve issues.

Armenia's nearly three-decade-long failure to respect international law due to this rogue state's fascist desire to violently carve out a so-called “Greater Armenia” in the South Caucasus through ethnic cleansing and genocide provoked the latest war that it finally lost. No such conflict would have occurred had Armenia been a responsible member of the international community like it's obliged to be as a result of its membership in the UN. Azerbaijan's glorious victory in last year's Patriotic War was one of the most monumental military events of this century thus far, hence why it deserves to be celebrated by the whole world, not condemned.

2021.04.19 / 11:14
Andrew Korybko
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