18 February 2018

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12 Punto 14 Punto 16 Punto 18 Punto presents you the interview with Photo model Nargiz Isayeva.

– ​Hello. Firstable thank you for accepting our interview.

– You are welcome.

– ​Shortly introduce yourself, please

– İsayeva Nargiz, 20 years old working as a photo model for 3 years.

– ​ When did you decide to be photo model? Did you have any other dream or goal?

– I wanted to be a photo model from my childhood that was the dream of my childhood and here I am (she is smiling)

– ​Can you please inform us about your job because as you know photo modeling in Azerbaijan is not so famous. Maybe there are people that want to be a photo model so what would you offer them?

– Yeah, there are many people that want to be photo model but probably you should work on yourself for reaching the goal. And that’s all. (She is smiling)

– ​Okay. Please talk us about the difficulties of being photo model in Azerbaijan. I mean we all know that there are many problems in your work.

– Yes, there are so many minuses because it’s not so famous and developed in our country and usually in each shooting, i have some problems.

– ​You did the first in our country the thing that is not usual for our people. But as I know people didn’t humiliate you other way round they liked it they supported you. Can you tell us please what kind of messages and criticisms have you got after that nude shooting?

– Well firstly not everyone liked that photo session you say that most of the people liked that but there were many people that insulted me in comments. You know that in our country people bad approach that kind of photos but I knew that it will be this way and it wasn’t horrible for (people’s reaction) my family and my boyfriend supports me so I do what I want.

– ​You could do photo modeling in Russia also because as I know you were born there and lived in there for a while. Why did you choose Azerbaijan? Why you came here despite these difficulties? Is there a strong rivalry or you wanted to improve photo modeling in here?

– Well of course in Russia there is a very big rivalry, many of models haven’t been noticed in there. But the main reason is that there were some companies in here that offered me shooting so I came and everything started.

– ​Tell us something about India if I am not wrong you were in there for the competition. How was it?

– Well, everything was fine in there. That was beautiful competition very good organization and it was very interesting. There were participants from 40 countries.

– ​You were wearing Caucasia what was that? It meant that you were representing whole Caucasia (Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia)?

– Yeah, I was representing whole Caucasia but there was girl from Azerbaijan and Armenia also that represented their own country.

– ​Have you got some erotic offers from your photographers during shooting or from somebody else after shooting? Because of your sexy photos.

– About photographers, yeah after my last shooting my Facebook and Instagram accounts didn’t stop for days there were plenty of nude shooting offers but my agency doesn't let me work with other photographers. About other people yeah I had some not good offers but I managed them cleverly so they went away.

– ​Do you have any other project that you believe it will be as famous as your last project was?

– Yes in December there will be a new project that will be more famous than the last one. I can’t talk about this project yet but I promise it will be better than last one.

– ​Did you have some offers from TV shows, films or clips?

– Yes, sure I had some offers that I didn’t accept because I want to give all of the me to photo modeling. I played in some TV shows as a supporting role for a couple of minutes but I am not an actress I am a model. But if there will be good offers maybe I will agree to play who knows (She is smiling)

– ​What kind of plans do you have for the future? Do you want to stay in here or you want to improve yourself and go to the abroad?

– I think I will go abroad for work because it’s very difficult for me in here.

– ​What do you think about the role of the figure in photo modelling? I mean it should be 90-60-90 or it doesn’t matter?

– Well you know 90-60-90 is the thing that only podium models should be like this and I am not podium model I am photo model so I can be skinny I can be chubby it isn’t important for me.

– ​Do you have any limits as a photo model? I mean some borders that nobody can pass?

– No, I don’t have any borders (She is laughing)

– ​As all we know is very famous site through Azerbaijan don’t you think that your interview will be riddened by some photographers or agencies that will offer you something that will pass your border?

– Umm, No I don’t think so. I repeat I don’t have any borders. Well, of course, I won’t accept porn filming offers but about photo shootings, I don’t have borders.

– ​Do you believe that after you there will be nude photo sessions again?

– Yeah sure, after me there was a new one and before me, there was a nude shooting. For example, in 2011 there was a model Nurida Aliyeva she did nude photo sessions she was very famous also. And now she lives in Turkey.

– ​I want to ask you about your relatives’ and family’s reaction to your nude photos? What did they do? Especially your mom’s reaction is very interesting for us.

– Well, at first she was shocked when she saw it and she was shocked for the whole day. But they know that even they will forbid me I will do it because this is my job and I love it.

– ​Did there happen any scandals in your life because of your work? I mean with your photographer or with your director and etc.?

– No, I always run away from scandals (She is laughing). I behave normally to everybody so everyone behaves me normal that’s why I had any scandals yet.

– ​Last question. Do you have any plan to be married and to have a family? And will it be a problem for your career?

– You know I really want to have a family but I know that it will be a big problem for my work. So first I want to build my career reach my goals and then to marry.

– ​Thank you for frankly answers, wish you good luck in your career.

– You are welcome, thank you for interesting questions

2017.08.03 / 17:50
Isko Babazade
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