6 April 2020

10 most brutal rape criminals all over the world - Photo

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Nowadays rape actions are one of the main problem of society. You can be faced with these kind of situations in everywhere from West and North to East and South.

I did some researches about most insane rape criminals that went down to the history. Here are the top 10 shameful moments of humanity:

Belgian girl died after being raped by Africans (Italy):

The woman, who eventually got away from the gang that abducted her, says her captivity lasted for two months in early 2017. This comes on the heels of reports about an Italian girl who died after being drugged and raped by a group of illegal immigrants from Africa.

Six Tunisians have been accused of kidnapping a Belgian woman in Italy and subjecting her to sexual slavery.

Evil stepfather, 41, raped his stepdaughter 1,800 times (Australia):

A man from Kingaroy, northwest of Brisbane who raped his stepdaughter 1,800 times from the age of 10 and then beat her when she fell pregnant has been jailed for 15 years. The court heard the 41-year-old man started violating the girl from the age of 10 over a six-year period, until the victim ran away from home at age of 16.

During the six-year ordeal, it's estimated he raped her 1,800 times, and after getting her pregnant, he bashed her in an attempt to make her miscarry, the court was told. But even after the teenager gave birth to the man's son at age 15, he continued to rape her - often in front of the newborn child - in the family home.

Eight men have been charged for the gang rape of a woman (Sweden):

Eight men have been charged for the gang rape of a woman in December. Swedish crime experts say this type of attack, with so many attackers, is rare in Sweden. The charges say the rape was particularly brutal because the men held the woman in place by her head. They also covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming as they repeatedly attacked her in a Migration Authority residence.

The Swedish Crime Prevention Council says that one in ten reported rapes are a gang rape, but the most common form is two men raping one woman. "That there is this many assailants is extremely rare," researcher Martin Grann said to the newspaper Aftonbladet.

When the woman called emergency services after the attack, she said she had been raped "all night".

Murder of Oksana Makar (Ukraine):

The murder of Oksana Makar took place in March 2012 in Ukraine, garnering extensive media coverage both at home and abroad and leading to mass protests. Oksana Makar, aged 18, was attacked by three men in the city of Mykolaiv on 8 March 2012: she was raped, strangled, set alight and left to die, though she survived another three weeks after being taken to hospital. Her case became a cause célèbre in Ukraine when only one of the attackers was charged by the police. The other two, whose parents were reported to be former government officials, were released on police bail, allegedly because of the personal connections of their parents. They were later rearrested after a public outcry and mass protests on 13 March. Protests demanding justice, to gather funds and encourage blood donations continued after the arrest as well.

The death of Anna Barmina (Russia):

A woman has died of internal injuries after being raped with a broken tree branch.

Barmina, was stabbed and beaten by Gizar Ziyangareev before being sexually assaulted and having her cash, laptop and phone stolen in September 2015.

Insane murder of Ozgecan Aslan (Turkey):

Özgecan Aslan was bludgeoned and stabbed to death in February as she returned home on a minibus from a shopping trip. According to the indictment, Ahmet Suphi Altındöken drove Aslan to a wood after all the other passengers had got off the bus and then tried to rape her. The young woman fought back using pepper spray but Altındöken then bludgeoned and stabbed her to death, before being helped to dispose of her body. The remains were found by police and the three men were arrested.

Woman jumps from window to escape brutal 6-hour rape (USA):

The New York Police Department is seeking the public's assistance in locating a man accused of brutally raping a female acquaintance multiple times at his home in Queens. The woman, 29, tried to get away twice, successfully escaping on the second attempt by jumping out of a window.

Michael Hosang, 53, is accused of raping the woman multiple times from 6 a.m. to noon on May 30, the NYPD said. He also punched the woman multiple times in the face, causing at least one fracture, police said. The victim had unsuccessfully tried to escape in one attempt, a department spokeswoman told NBC News, but was able to get away in a second attempt by jumping out of a window.

Gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl by as many as 33 men (Brazil):

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday, 20-year-old Michel Brasil da Silva uploaded a 30-second clip to Twitter, accompanied by the words: “They smashed the chick. Do you get it or do you not get it? lol”. The clip showed an undressed, unconscious woman lying on a bare mattress. She was being filmed by two men, both fully dressed, who took turns manhandling and mocking her.

“This one just got knocked up by 30 guys,” one of them says. “Check out the state she’s in. Bleeding,” says the other, directing the camera toward her visibly injured genitals. At one point, the man positioned his head next to the unresponsive woman’s buttocks, stuck out his tongue, and took a selfie.

The footage set off a firestorm on social media and brought national attention to the reported gang-rape of a 16-year-old by as many as 33 men in Rio de Janeiro over the weekend — a crime the police had no knowledge of until social media users contacted them en masse.

50-year-old man raped his 14-year-old step daughter (Azerbaijan):

According to the local media, 50-year-old V.Muradov raped 14 years old girl which he adopted from her childhood.

The 50-year-old man, who was under severe psychological pressure caused by the action he did, committed suicide by cutting off her throat and arms.

French pair brutally raped Irish tourist (France):

Two French men have been jailed for 25 years each after viciously raping an Irish tourist in southeast France.

According to a report in the Irish Times, the pair were described at a court in Nice as "good fathers, husbands and workers" and had no previous police records. The trial heard that the 35-year-old victim was on holiday when she met the men in a bar, before they plied her with drink and took her back to a 4x4 car. They then drove her to an industrial area nearby, where she was raped and suffered "torture and acts of barbarism" in the back seat of the vehicle.

The Irish woman was found bleeding and wandering the streets of Menton at 5am, with wounds so severe that she had to undergo emergency surgery.

Prosecutor Clotilde Ledru-Tinsault said the victim had been left physically and psychologically destroyed by the attack, adding: "She can never have children, can never work normally - her entire family is broken.

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