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Technology is improving day by day, but the advancement is leaving many of us trapped in the comforts and luxuries, imposing multiple side effects on our health. One such technology affecting our health indirectly is the use of earphones and headphones. reports that there are many people who use earphones without knowledge of the kind of health issues they could cause. People using earphones are actually placing their hearing at peril. Earphones are very small gadgets, but there is a huge list of side effects using them and the list is increasing every day. We see many people walking around with earphones, including us. Earphones not only affect the user but also the surroundings. This is hard to believe, but it’s true.

1. Hearing complications or hearing loss
While using earphones, the sound reaches the ears directly. This sound should not exceed 90 decibels. Any volume above this threshold impacts hearing. Ideally, one should not use earphones continuously for more than 15 minutes. There is a threat of hearing loss beyond this point. So if at all you have to use earphones, then make sure that you are giving some rest to the ears in between.

2. Ear infections due to use of earphones
Do you have your personal earphones or do you share them with your family and friends? It is very common to share your earphones with others, but is this practice really safe? No, sharing earphones with others is definitely not safe as the bacteria from other’s ears travel to your ears and cause infections. So, next time make sure that you don’t share your earphones with anyone. Also read about causes that can lead to ear infections.

3. Blockage of air passage
There are many companies which manufacture earphones, making sure that the quality of the audio is clear and convenient for those who are using them. In order to get the best out of the earphones you will have to insert these earphones directly in the ear canals and this will result in blockage of air passage. This further results in ear infections, ear wax and finally even loss of hearing.

4. Side effects on brain
Earphones and headphones produce electromagnetic waves, proven to be dangerous for the human brain. However, there are no studies or evidences that can prove this point. But those who use earphones, bluetooth and headphones on a daily basis are prone to problems related to brain.

5. Severe pain in the ears
Those who use earphones and headphones regularly tend to visit the doctor with a complaint of severe ear pain. You will feel some strange and different sounds buzzing in your ears. You also feel numbness in your ears. There are studies which have proved that excess use of earphones result in numbness and pain in the ears.

Precautions to be taken while using earphones:
After this article, you will definitely be scared of using earphones on regular basis. Then again, you will want to enjoy your favourite music and this is mandatory for some people as well.
For all those addicted to earplugs, below are few tips which help them to stay away from dangerous health hazards while still enjoying using their earphones.
Stop using stylish tiny earphones as they enter your ear canal directly. Use bigger headphones.
You should always have your personal earphones. Do not share them, not even with family members.
If your earphones have a rubber or sponge cover, then try changing them at least once in a month.
Do not play music with loud sound. Try to keep it as low as possible.
Avoid earphones when you are travelling as you will increase the volume due to the disturbing sounds around you and that proves harmful.
Try to give rest to your ears once every 15 minutes.
Gadget and technology enhancements should make your life entertaining and easy but not at the cost of your health. When you use them under limit, you can definitely get the best out of them. It is important to understand ‘how much is too much.’

2017.03.09 / 21:19
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