18 November 2018

Interview with Winner of 2 world records - Exclusive

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12 Punto 14 Punto 16 Punto 18 Punto represents an interview with Cristiam Ramos, one of the most Unusual Artist in the World, winner of 2 World Records and 20 international awards to create artworks with unusual mediums:

– Can you please introduce yourself to whom haven’t known you and your artworks?

– My name is Cristiam Ramos, I'm an artist awarded more than fifteen international awards and 2 World Records for the creation of unique works in the world with unusual materials such as paintings on real butterflies wings, celebrities portraits made of thousands pieces of candies, portraits made completely with toothpaste, and oil paintings and sculptures with a unique style.

Some of my artworks are displayed in more than 30 museums of “Ripley’s Believed it or not” around the world, fine art Gallery and private collectors.

– What is art for you? How did you start making art?

– Art for me is a way of life and it is the way I express my feelings, thoughts and my way of seeing the world.

I started doing art at the age of 5 years, for me at that age it was just a game, I started experimenting and discovering new materials without thinking that it would be something very important in my life.

At the age of 19, I started my professional career as an art teacher and as an artist to this day.

– What inspires you? What inspired to use different ideas and materials which you’ve engaged on your creativity?

– I am inspired by everything I see in God's creation and everything that surrounds me. I have always been looking for new ways to express myself and be different from others.

Since I began my career as an artist I have sought originality, and in that search, I found materials that fascinated me and that nobody had dared to use as an artistic expression.

– As we know, you use different tools and techniques on your paintings even different colorful tubes of toothpaste. Could you kindly tell us what is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

– The most important tool for me is my hands and a brush because with that I can do everything I see in my dreams.

In my studio music cannot be lacking, with it I relax and make everything around me disappear and I concentrate on my work.

– Is there an artwork which you are most proud of? Why?

– Each one of the techniques and materials that I use, are very special for me since each represents or symbolizes something that I want to say with him, but I think the toothpaste is the most important since she is the one that has given me the most popularity.

The works that give me the most pride are the works on real butterflies because it is a very complicated material to work with and besides that, the small size is a great challenge for me. Also the meaning that the butterflies have for me is very great and what represents the transformation and the overcoming, as well as a caterpillar, has the ability to transform itself into a beautiful butterfly, the human being also has the capacity to transform into what the most desires and want, no matter where we come from or our past, we all have that opportunity to change what we are.

– What has been your most touching or amazing moment you've experienced as an artist?

– The most emotional moments in my life as an artist is to see when you win people see my works of art and feel as lives and excited that they reach tears or when the children light up their faces and smile.

– Who is your favourite artist that inspires you too much with their artworks?

– I have always been a lover of classical art, of the geniuses of art such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, but I also admire Salvador Dali.

– Do you follow any modern artists? Who are they?

– I really do not follow any modern artist in particular, but I like to admire all the art that is currently done and it serves as inspiration for my work.

– What project are you working on now?

– Right now I'm making some unique sculptures in their genre, they are real-size sculptures but they contain more than 40 or 50 low-relief sculptures and artistic works painted on it, Cristiam Ramos style.

– What's your favorite place to see art?

– I love going to museums and art exhibitions, I always like to observe and feed my mind with new ideas, observing what other artists are doing inspires me to continue working on my pieces.

– I think that being an artist is difficult, you should be talented, creative and hard-working. As a successful painter, what kind of advice can you give to youth who want to be future artist? How should they start? Are they only person who is responsible for being great artist? or are there any other reasons and obstacles which aren’t in their hands?

– Throughout my career, I have encountered many obstacles, with many rejections and many No, but I have also learned that you should never give up, you must fight for your dreams even if many do not believe in you.

I believe that the key is to be original and different from the others, if you are not different, you get lost along with everyone, you have to be excellent in every job you do, it does not matter if it takes a long time, and practice, why the Practice makes you perfect, after that, there is no obstacle impossible to overcome to achieve success.

2018.10.30 / 14:39
Anara Abil
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