19 February 2019

Background secrets of Vietnam meeting - Interview

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It has a symbolic meaning, once upon a time Vietnam also was divided into two parts as North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

This statement said by the political scientist, lawyer Farhad Mehdiyev to about the meeting between U.S. president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Why is Donald Trump meeting Kim Jong Un in Vietnam?

"It has a symbolic meaning, once upon a time Vietnam also was divided into two parts as North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Of course, they were merged later. Unified under socialist government. Vietnam also had lived the same fate. That is the fate of separation and subsequent unification. This is the first reason for choosing Vietnam.

The second reason is that Kim's regime has no private planes flying off very far away. Kim has a personal plane for flying to Vietnam because Vietnam is not far away.

The third reason is that America is relatively safe to meet in Vietnam too. Security creates conditions for this meeting, and Vietnam can also guarantee the safety of the American president. Probably Vietnam can be chosen as a symbol for these reasons. It is necessary to pay attention that according to an initial protocol which was signed in Singapore by the U.S and North Korea on June 12 shows that the United States and North Korea are still in the future to ensure security in the Korean Peninsula" - he said.

What can be expected from this meeting?

"Taking into account that North Korea's nuclear weapons are the closest allies of America, and this has been put on the United States, and in this regard, America's foreign policy is based on the fact that North Korea is considered as a threat. America wants to North Korea give up these nuclear weapons. Instead, America provides immunity for Korea. They will give the nuclear weapons to the United States, instead of this USA will give suggestions about not occupation any state of North Korea. North Korea will go for it. According to a contract signed on June 12, 2018, U.S and Korea will try on the Korean peninsula to establish a stable and lasting peace. At the same time will continue to work for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to leave their nuclear weapons completely.

Trump's critics said that the first memorandum was not very successful. The success of the protocol was that there would be a full restoration of the remaining hostages, as well as adequate conditions for the withdrawal of dead American soldiers from those lands. They achieved this. Almost all of them have been given back. But before the second meeting, Korea is expected to give information on nuclear weapons before the second meeting, namely, how many weapons are there in Korea, what kind of weapon, bomb, rocket, it is expected to answer these questions.

Trump believes that this is a success since Korea has been conducting no nuclear tests for 15 months. I believe that certain steps can be taken to develop this nuclear program, a process will begin about stopping nuclear programs in North Korea which will improve new nuclear program between the USA and N.Korea. Critics say that the reason why N.Korea stopped nuclear experiments is that they achieved desireble level on nuclear weapons" - he added.

Because of the memorandum signed in Singapore, here's what America calls for, “Work towards the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula” it means that “if you miss the whole nuclear weapon here, I will miss the South Korean nuclear weapons.” Of course, being that nuclear weapons in N.Korea is not so dangerous to S.Korea as much as it is to USA" - he said.

2019.02.08 / 14:52
Ulviyya Shahin
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