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US-Russian spy war in Yerevan - Kuznetsov

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I left Russia FTB's Moscow Border Institute eight years ago, and since then I have no opportunity to get acquainted with the operative information of the Russian special services on the bordering countries and to get information about the residents of foreign countries. For this reason, I can not really appreciate the fact that the Russian blogger, probably hiding under the name Max Alexander, is actually in fact.

Famous Russian historian and political analyst Oleg Kuznetsov said in a statement to that Russia's "" blog commented on a list of US-based residencies in Armenia and Georgia. According to him, in the present situation, it is only possible to formulate this information according to its appearance, and on the basis, it is possible to reach certain conclusions:

"In the language (jargon) of both journalist and intelligence, these types of writings are called" throwing ", and in the counter-intelligence subtitles it is called "drainage". If the confidential information spoils a non-exclusive press, it is called an "avtogol". Taking into consideration the structural structure of the text, the presentation of the material and the content of the content, I think it is possible to exclude the option of "autogol". In the present case, we are faced with the characteristic nature of the factual material, which gives us reason to believe that the analytical activity itself is being carried out. Personally, I prefer the typical "leakage" of this post.

Now you need to find the answer to this question: what does this explicit or lying statement clearly state?"

Kuznetsov said that before answering this question, one should pay attention to one principled aspect:

"The real intelligence knows only the explorers themselves, the residents, and the center that controls them. The rest of the people can predict some or all of the same, until there is clear evidence and evidence, including counter-intelligence. Special services often use the "leakage" method to find that direct evidence can not be obtained, even though the exact person is fully or partly convinced that he is working for the benefit of a third party. In our case, the impression is that the main purpose of this article (apart from the propaganda effect, of course) is to determine how the US response to the accusation of espionage, intelligence and provocative actions addressed to civil servants. Personally, I am convinced that this "leak" is the result of systematized counter-intelligence activities by Russian intelligence agencies on analytical information on the presence and operation of US special bodies in the South Caucasus region.

Given the above, I want to especially note that the article tells about Georgia and Armenia, and there is no word about Azerbaijan. It does not mean that there is no US spy network in Azerbaijan and there are no influential agents in this country. They existed, and some Azerbaijani journalists called me some of their colleagues in informal conversations that they had financed their activities in the Azerbaijani information space for about a year or so before Tbilisi. However, Azerbaijan has a principled difference between Georgia and Armenia. Azerbaijani state officials are not in the material security of US intelligence agencies. In Georgia and Armenia, this is the case. Georgian and Armenian officials are working closely with US special services using their official duties and administrative resources. It can be applied not only to state agencies but also to security agencies, especially to Georgia. Certain facts of such cooperation are not only known but also proved. This also gives reason to confirm the existence of an appropriate trend. From this point of view, the article we have devoted to is absolutely true and appropriate to the truth. Simply, in the details, for example, a specific mistake can be made. In other matters, the report (reporting, reportage) is very, but very true. "

In response to the question, "This situation poses a threat to Russia's security and interests," Kuznetsov said:

"If I find that this" leak "is organized by the Russian intelligence agencies, that means they are aware of the dangers in detail and, of course, prepare counter-measures. The appearance of this article is a direct and evident proof of this. I am sure that the US residency in the South Caucasus is monitored by Russia, and therefore, Russia's potential threats, as we have said, are very fragmented. Nevertheless, Russian special services cannot directly oppose their American counterparts in Georgia and Armenia, and are therefore defeated in the struggle for the political leaders of these countries to influence political processes. Georgia has demonstrated it in 2007, Armenia is trying to bring this experience today. "

2018.03.18 / 15:55
Rafiga Alisafa
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