1 June 2020

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What unites February 29 and September 11 in a single political calendar? Less than a month has passed, but the incident of 19 years ago took place in just one day, compared to the fear of the gradual spread of the human threat called the COVID-19. When the military attacks in the central cities of the United States collapsed the World Trade Center, the universe seemed to come out of its abyss. reports that this was stated by MP Zahid Oruj.

We present the text:

"Unlike Matthias Rust, an adventurous teenager who once flew a small plane to the Kremlin in front of the Bolshoi Theater, Al-Qaeda and Taliban suicide bombers have carried out direct executions in the last 100 years. They launched an attack that no state dared to take.

Obviously, in World War II, a young German who is capable of heroism that his ancestors could not defeat the air defense systems of the giant empire of the 20th century with a small-caliber lightweight "Cessna-72", bringing them to life scenes of famous French comedies. Nevertheless, it was impossible to understand the motives of the passenger plane that crashed into the skyscrapers, a symbol of world capitalism, and the Muslim mujahideen, who struck the Pentagon, turned their bodies into “live bombs”, and were killed. What did they want to show to the people of the giant America who had never seen a war in the last century?

Perhaps 11 years later, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was more sincere than her colleagues were. She responded more accurately when she said that they had paid the price left halfway. Indeed, Osama bin Laden's "Cyclone" operation, which was started in Afghanistan after just one year of training, changed the course of the Soviet-Afghan war with more than $ 40 billion in financial aid from the United States and Saudi Arabia. There was no reward for forcing him to leave Kabul. It was then that the "Armageddon coup" of bin Laden, who vowed to take revenge on the enemies of Islam, on September 11, 2001, shocked the world. The fear that the act, which claimed the lives of up to 3,000 people, has instilled in billions of people left no doubt that the response of the United States and its allies would be relentless. Yes, the people who punished millions of Americans in Washington, New York, and elsewhere who saw everyone in Muslim clothes in the streets and squares were the first victims of the US and NATO forces that later came to Afghanistan with 150,000 troops.

Surprisingly, the stock markets could not recover from the great shock for a long time and suffered losses of 100 billion. However, that was just the beginning. The U.S. military has been fighting the Hindu Kush for 19 years and, according to the official figures, has spent more than $ 822 billion (Source: on abstract threats from 10,000 kilometers to 4,000. He has sacrificed so many soldiers for secular claims and is now leaving Afghanistan. Mike Pompeo has put aside the war with China at the height of the trade war in the last three months, devoting two important days to a plan of reconciliation with the Taliban government, a strategy of uniting enemies and friends. However, to meet the minimum needs of a land ravaged by a century of civil war, to educate the illiterate and ignorant tribes of the Bolsheviks as they once did in Vladivostok, Central Asia and the Caucasus, and to build a society based on medieval traditions and public health, now a completely different picture would be in the middle.

The nightmare of the coronavirus wreaking chaos in the United States in the eyes of the world because of nuclear missiles cannot fire invisible germs. It seems that such an adventure was once practiced in Africa. In Congo, Zaire, and Somalia, which are plagued by malaria, Ebola, and Sars, efforts have been made to rescue hundreds of thousands of people infected with nuclear weapons. Now, the Taliban has been labeled the worst enemy in the West and East, North and South, a terrorist pandemic, there is no need to explain whether it is a victory or a defeat to sign a peace deal with them and withdraw the last 13,000 troops from Afghanistan. The question is simple: what is the meaning of the information, financial and diplomatic attacks against Islamic radicalism, which has instilled in all of the peoples for decades, and the "Mahdi armies" that have raised under the banner of the caliphate? It has spread the information viruses that have occupied the world's agenda and the brains of billions of people and now tells its soldiers to "return home!" how to explain together how to give the order. According to official figures, the cost of operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria is more than 1.5 trillion. (Source: Unofficial estimates are 4 times higher. The 112 countries on the world's political map, with a budget of less than $ 10 billion, could be kept full and safe for at least six years with the money spent on these military adventures.

However, the United States is currently experiencing a national crisis, as in most parts of the world, and the first place in the threat of infection could cost tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of lives. While economic activity is not the same as in the Great Depression of the 1930s, against the backdrop of trade activity in major cities, nationwide social isolation and closed borders, giants such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs predict GDP could fall to 30 percent and this is the lowest level in the last 74 years. Unemployment could rise by as much as 20 percent, even if the $ 2 trillion stimulus program does not eliminate it, it will not be able to overcome the existentialist crisis.

President Trump said : "America is an open country, and we were not created to shut down." Not only his predecessor, the great political leader of the past, Franklin Roosevelt, lose the most precious three months and never return from COVID-19 to protect his people and humanity.

Roosevelt, who was confined to a wheelchair when the Oval Office as a global medical instructor offered him the anti-malaria drugs, was rescued by meeting Stalin with him during World War II could not be remembered at all.

Another counterpart of Trump, Boris Johnson, as a leader and a modern face of the British elite, told the nation as a means of panacea. However, in those days, Prince Elizabeth left the Royal Palace and retreated to Windsor Castle to show everyone that she did not expect help from her Prime Minister. So, the head of the monarchy, who left Buckingham Palace in a closed cell and left the throne for the last 500 years of the history of kingdom, understood better than the prime minister that the virus infected by the future king Prince Charles was a death sentence for the elderly. On top of that, a few days pass, and Boris Johnson reveals to the people from Twitter account that the test is "positive" and he will continue to lead the country from home.

Weak, unwilling, lacking strategic planning and ideological concepts, world leaders believe in the reality of the virus after seeing it in their bodies instead of ensuring the safety of their citizens, so that the infection's lack of recognition of master and slave, rich and poor, makes it possible to fight it. However, the protection of the Holy Kaaba, the Vatican, the Temple of Karbala, and the Wall of Tears with ethyl alcohol, not with the power of modern armies, fighter jets, and tanks, should have been a message to world leaders. The sermons delivered by religious centers no longer protect not only their billions of adherents but also themselves.

Surely, globalization is collapsing, and national walls are being rebuilt instead. To rise to divide the world with the virus, to send troops from Afghanistan, which destroyed the three empires, not to threaten the White House, but to send them to new battlefields, to defeat the current Apocalypse, to think about statehood, ideological expansion and its implementation is a greater tragedy.

If you recognize terrorism as a government, then why did you ridicule Zhirinovsky's call for "accept the Taliban as the official government" at the 2014 Crimea summit, which has always been loyal to its leader Vladimir Putin? Now Russian doctors in military uniform are marching through the streets of Italy, and a nation fighting for resuscitation on the site of the ancient Roman Empire does not care how Brussels or Strasbourg accuse them of violating sanctions against the Russians. A new war is now taking place on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, where Soviet tanks and our Mikhail are marching. It seems that the crumbling walls of the European Union are of little interest to a nation that bury its loved ones in the Vatican every day without the prayers of St. Jesus.

Therefore, the world must be free of viruses. For decades, peoples have been subjected to brutal and unjust wars, state models and lifestyle occupations, information and real terrorism, economic expansion, and other epidemics.

Even though Roosevelt and Churchill were not enough “to put the demon in the bottle” Tehran was not able to form 43, Stalin did not have to return the great formation he had brought with him, and Putin was squeezed in his claims. Otherwise, winning the marathon for the White House will not be of any use to the world. The country, led by President Ilham Aliyev, was able to sit at the crossroads of the One Belt One Road, at the crossroads of the biggest political pandemic, and offer NATO-Russia generals a chair to negotiate. An ancient Baku tour was held for the Middle East. Now, if social distance prevents the gathering of 20 heads of state in the search for a capital country for the global coronavirus, all hiccups should be put aside and only the "Chinese protocols" should be implemented.

As the ancient Roman proverb says, "If there is something mysterious at the top of a tree, it is necessary to look at its root." After all, instead of giving the "horrors of the Day of Judgment" to the people of the world, who have already lost their psychological stability under the fire of information every day, promote Wuhan every hour as a test of human health and existence. Sanitary Cordon Wuhan is now the savior of the Jews who crossed the Red Sea. Do not let China's red color, the idea that its economic and political structure will remain in the brain, and the fear that democracies that do not protect against the virus will fail to save you from saving the lives of the most valuable people. It takes an average of 40 days. Dr. Lee's call to warn humanity by sacrificing his life is the only panacea for the well-being of the star Gestapo and the world, who are ready to punish him severely for his heroism.

Therefore, the humanity must become a Wuhan province. It will not be possible to put out a global forest fire without a 40-day movement, a run, a fraud, a stock market, a training for the whole world of 7.7 billion people. Earth will not collapse from silence; the planet itself is already rotating.

Approximately eighty years ago, in the face of the impending world war with fascism, states and armies were doomed to suffer up to 50 million losses due to late unification. Therefore, the price of victory was very high. Now, it is time to decide for each other's victory and future together, without waiting for each other to take the trophy in the face of a common enemy, and whom the virus will defeat.

Alternatively, New York and NASDAQ quotes stock market irreligious, unbelieving interest wars will be replaced by the coronavirus death index every day.

In addition, the most valuable excise will be napkins!"

2020.03.29 / 13:16
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