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How to Avoid Headaches?

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Nothing puts a dent in your day like carrying around a headache. Whether you suffer from tension headaches or migraines, headaches are no fun. In some situations, headaches can turn into a chronic, even debilitating problem. The causes of headaches are many, but if you can pinpoint what causes yours, you can learn how to avoid headaches altogether.

1.Visit the dentist.

Tartar and plaque buildup, cavities and grinding one's teeth at night can all cause headaches.

2.Stay away from alcohol and tobacco.

Although both are the cause of other health issues, they are major sources of frequent headaches and are likely to increase stress. If you rely on either of these substances on a regular basis, do your best to ease yourself off of them. People who drink red wine and beer regularly have also reported worse headaches than those who don’t. In addition to feeling healthier all around, your headaches will probably become less frequent and severe.

In general, most drugs will make headaches more frequent and painful, so avoid them if you can. Alcohol and tobacco are just the most commonly used.

3.Try to avoid caffeine.

The reasoning behind avoiding caffeine is two-part: caffeine is a diuretic, so you’re likely to become dehydrated faster (a cause of headaches). Additionally, if you have a caffeine addiction, you’ll get headaches as a symptom of caffeine withdrawal. Try to cut caffeine completely out of your diet for the best headache-fighting results, but if nothing else limit its consumption so that you avoid working your way into an addiction. Be sure to drink plenty of water at the times you do drink caffeine, as well.

4.Limit your consumption of junk foods.

Junk foods, including fried foods, processed foods, and foods high in sodium, sugar, and saturated fat are to blame for a wide variety of health issues including headaches. Although on occasion consuming these foods is alright, if they make up a large part of your diet, they may be to blame for your headaches. Work at creating a balanced diet and cutting these foods out whenever possible.

5. Head for the sun and avoid rainy areas.

Although it may seem strange, changes in barometric pressure (like before it rains) are often to blame for the onset of many headaches. Further, if you live in an area that has constant bad weather, you may be more likely to develop Seasonal Effective Disorder, which includes headaches as one of the many symptoms. If you’re truly tired of chronic headaches and can’t seem to find any other relief, try vacationing away in a sunny area with consistent weather.

5.Try not to take pain relievers on a regular basis.

It sounds counterintuitive, right? Believe it or not, if you take pain medication (such as ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen, or aspirin) more than 10 times a month, you may be giving yourself more headaches. These medications may create something called ‘rebound headaches’ as a result of a type of built up tolerance/addiction to the pain pills. Minimize your consumption of these pills if you take them on a consistent and regular basis, and you may notice a decrease in your headaches as well.

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